Trade it in

We love trade-ins!

Sell on Consignment

If you have a boat you don’t use any more, but just don’t have the time to fool with selling it, take advantage of our extensive web traffic and dealership reputation and let us sell your boat for you. Contact us to learn more about our consignment process.

Advantages to Trade or Consign

  • Save Time - Take the hassle out dealing with selling and don't worry about calls after the sale.
  • Financing - simply put, we can help get folks access to financing that you can't.

We can turn your boat into cash!

We can buy your boat

Just need to get rid of your boat? Let us take a look at it and if it meets our requirements, we’ll make you a cash offer.


For consignments and out right purchases, we need boats that are less than 12yrs old with a clean title. For trade-ins, let us take a look and we’ll see what we can do.

Please keep in mind that we don’t buy just any and every boat. We only want to bring good quality pre-owned boats to market that we can attach the Buck’s Island name to.

Go to our Contact Us page and message us some information about your boat, or call/text 256-442-2588 to schedule a time for us to look at it.