Want to get the most miles out of your gas tank – make sure you have the correct prop and are trimming the motor properly. Trimming the motor properly may take a little time to learn/feel, but it is worth your time.

Using a boat cover is a great way to protect the interior of your boat.  Not only will it help keep the boat clean when not in use but will protect the carpet and upholstery from UV exposure preventing cracking, dry rotting and fading.  Depending on the climate where you store your boat you may want to consider tossing a few large disiccant packs under the cover to help with moisture control as well.

Spiders, few like them and even less like them in their boats.  Did you know that spiders are not insects? They are arachnids and have a lung type feature.  Use this to your advantage. Because of having lungs, spiders can be kept at bay using a simple combination of peppermint oil and vinegar.  This irritates them and is a pleasant non-toxic way to keep them off of your boat.